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apply for admin level 4

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apply for admin level 4 Empty apply for admin level 4

Post by Se7en on Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:03 pm

Name in game: [Se7en][A2][IGR][B.Sheep]
Real name : Shimon
Usgn Name : TK Shimon
Usgn ID : 99153
Motive to join : Idk
Do you have experiense in forums? : yes I have one myselfs
Do you have any relative to owners? : somehow
Info about you : I like cs2d
What you make best : help
Did you create maps before? : a lot (yes)
Did you create scripts before? : not really
Did you create servers before? : yes
Do you take part in other clans? : my friends clan and my clan
If yes, what are they? : [Se7en][A2][IGR][B.Sheep]
How good is your english? 9.99/10 :
You will follow the rules? : yes
*OPTIONAL* Age : 13
*OPTIONAL* Country : israel
If you are accepted, what you will do? : be happy (I replay to script maker (level 4))
if I will accept I want you will add in the text file: 99153 4

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apply for admin level 4 Empty Re: apply for admin level 4

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:13 pm


dont apply for admin when you are today registered
also you are from israel !!! (dont need to know why ...)

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