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Reputation system Empty Reputation system

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:23 am

Hey i added a new reputation system

What is reputation ?
It is how much the other players like your posts
If your reputation is +, the other players like your posts Reputation system 82771854
If your reputation is -, the other players dont like your posts Reputation system 1253517078
If your reputation is 0, the other players like/dislike your posts Reputation system 82771854 Reputation system 1253517078

How to give a positive or negative vote ?
Click HERE to see how

How many reputation to win ?
need to reach +30 reputation to win

How many winners it will be ?
3 winners

What the winners will win ?
+1 rank in forum

Anyone can participate ?
Owners = NO (because they cant have a higher rank)
head-admins = NO (because cant reach the owner rank, only 2 owners for now ...)
Admins = YES
Supporters = YES
Super Moderators = YES
Moderators = YES
Banned = Of Course Not (they are banned XD)

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