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Banned List []DT[]Battle Empty Banned List []DT[]Battle

Post by Shy on Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:54 pm

Hey all this is Topic Banned List []DT[]Battle :

 USGN No:********
 USGN ID:********
 Time 17:30 2013 June Evening 
 Banned Permanenlty 
 Notice:Can unban u should post an unban request
 Request: not yet posted
#Save Setting Unban#
USGN No:***********
USGN ID:***********
Time : 25 June
Reason:Reason : deleting the owner's posts without a reason
so the moderation per group failed
i will limit the moderation rights for each group

Banned:3 Day
#Save Setting Unban#

Total banned players : 2


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